1. Leave the airport; take “ruta interbalnearia”, also known as “ruta IB”, go ahead up to you get to Punta Del Este.

2. Go along playa mansa up to “parada numero 4” (Conrad Hotel will be on your left). Turn left on “Avenida Chiverta” to “playa brava”.

3. Go along “ruta 10”, also known as “Rambla Lorenzo Batlle Pacheco”, for approximately 10 minutes.

4. At the end of “ruta 10”, there wil be a wavy bridge.

5. Cross the bridge and turn left up to you get to “camino Egusquiza”. Go ahead for 8 km, following the ‘Fasano Las Piedras’ signals up to you see ‘Fasano Las Piedras’ entrance signal on your left.

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